Kaluta Pty Ltd is an ecological and environmental consultancy forged out of a passion for conservation, ethics, technology and broad ecological knowledge; bringing these together into a company that prides itself in delivering excellence in client service and social responsibility.
why Kaluta?
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Kaluta is all about native wildlife, its conservation and preservation from a strong grounding in knowledge. We combine this with a fascination in cutting edge technology, experience in the industry and leverage all of this to make cost effective packages and solutions for the Client, achieving both excellence and efficiency.

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the Kaluta difference

Kaluta has an ongoing obsession with developments in technology, overlapping ecological/environmental works and management with digital technologies to achieve excellence in assisting the client from the inception of the project, through real-time solutions and well into the future

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where we work
we seek excellence in these areas and more:
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ecological surveys

From cross referencing data for desktop surveys to boots on the ground, Kaluta is built on experience with a wide variety of surveying methods from the remote deserts to below the water's surface. Click below or contact us now to find out more.

remote sensing

Detecting objects and analysing data from a distance or in exclusion zones is what remote sensing is all about. This can mean a variety of things. From flying a UAV over a site to gather data to setting up a motion triggered camera for wildlife or collecting vocalisations from frogs, birds or bats. It all counts and we do all of it. We will work with you to find the best ways to meet your targets.

managing fauna

We pursue excellence in fauna handling and management from snake removal to fauna spotter-catching. Fully licenced to work from backyards to large projects, we work with your crew to streamline the process, for the safety of the animals and our valued clients.

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Contact us today to see how we can help save you time and resources in meeting your ecological, environmental and reporting targets