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About Kaluta

Kaluta was forged out of a passion to bring together conservation, ethics, technology and broad ecological knowledge into a company that prides itself in delivering excellence in client service and responsibility.

the four bottom lines

We pride ourselves in going above and beyond expectations and will work with our clients with professional conduct to achieve the best outcomes in terms of:


Everybody goes home to their families. It's that simple. Our safety documentation, training and procedures work with and compliment that of the client's so that we can all have peace of mind to focus on our tasks on the job site.


Excellence in environmental outcomes is one of our key values. We work within the law and seek improvements in efficiency and the way we conduct ourselves.


At the end of the day we are accountable to the local communities and the wider public. This value is always with us in every step of every project no matter the size. We seek to bring equal opportunity to the workplace and in turn give a chance to those that may not otherwise have one.


Our clients expect efficiency and we always aim to assist them by bringing cost effective solutions to the project. We seek to add value to any job we are involved in.

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what is a Kaluta and why the name?


The Little Red Kaluta (Dasykaluta rosamondae) is a feisty little marsupial from the rocky deserts of Western Australia. Although they look like a mouse with a bushy tail and big ears, they are in fact from the same family as Tasmanian devils (Dasyuridae) and not even remotely related to mice! They are ferocious and fearless hunters and will demolish a variety of other animals including large scorpions, centipedes and spiders! They live a short life at full speed. It's the plucky and confident nature packed into a tiny furry bundle that was the inspiration for the business - not to mention the catchy name!

Shown here is a hungry Kaluta in the business of consuming a venomous Scolopendra centipede.

kaluta pty ltd: company information


ABN: 19 639 447 920

ACN: 639 447 920

ARN: 1107214

Business name: KALUTA Pty Ltd

PO BOX 207, Taigum, QLD 4018

Phone number: 0409008661 (+61409008661)

Email: info@kaluta.com.au

Location: South East Queensland, Australia but available statewide


Kaluta does not operate from a customer facing address. As a business that in its nature must be mobile, we can operate anywhere. This keeps costs down and means we can more easily come to you!