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ABN: 19 639 447 920

ACN: 639 447 920

Business name: KALUTA Pty Ltd

PO BOX 207, Taigum, QLD 4018

Phone number: 0409008661 (+61409008661)

Email: info@kaluta.com.au

Location: Brisbane, Australia


Kaluta does not operate from a shop front. As a business that in its nature must be mobile, we can operate anywhere from our vehicle. This keeps costs down and means we can far more easily come to you! So why not take advantage of the way we do business!

What is a Kaluta and why the name?

The Little Red Kaluta (Dasykaluta rosamondae) is a feisty little marsupial from the rocky deserts of Western Australia. Although they look like a mouse with a bushy tail and big ears, they are in fact from the same family as Tasmanian devils (Dasyuridae) and not even remotely related to mice! They are ferocious and fearless hunters and will demolish a variety of other animals including large scorpions, centipedes and spiders! They live a short life at full speed. It's the plucky and confident nature packed into a tiny furry bundle that was the inspiration for the business - not to mention the catchy name!

Shown here is a hungry Kaluta in the business of consuming a venomous Scolopendra centipede.


The founder of Kaluta (Australia), Nathan Litjens was always fascinated by the natural world, growing up beside an Estuary and flora and fauna reserve in Mt Martha, Victoria.


From a young age he spent countless hours in the bush and eventually was able to leave and head north to the Riverina and then on to North Queensland where he worked as an interpretive guide on a crocodile spotting tour - spending even more time exploring the wildlife and habitats of the region and even taking time off to explore the troubled region of Papua to the north. From there he moved to Darwin - the northernmost capital city in Australia to work along the coastline and introduce people to the natural and cultural landscape of Kakadu National Park and surrounding areas. During this time he began producing multimedia for the Museum and Art Gallery of the NT and assisted in a number of expeditions to Western Australia, the NT and Cape York, as well as assisting with fish research, camera work and short film production for Bush Blitz in the remote Kimberley of Western Australia. In this time he also took a year to explore Eastern Indonesia and the environmentally and socially embattled island of Borneo.

For three years he worked in the remote Kimberley, introducing visitors to one of the most remote places on Earth, its natural beauty - and the species within. 

Moving back to Victoria for family reasons he took more of a proactive stance and worked contracts as a fauna spotter/catcher in both Victoria and Queensland, moving up to the position of Environmental Advisor within a linear infrastructure project.

Moving to Brisbane, he decided that it was time to start his own business and put all of his skills and knowledge on offer with the goal of expanding and including others that would benefit from a head start in these industries.

Nathan can offer a variety of industry recognized qualifications including:

- S11 Coal Mining Induction

- QLD Coal Board Medical clearance

- Full driver's licence with Medium Rigid endorsement

- 4WD certificate

- Coxswain's certificate

- Reptile and venomous snake control (VU21577, VU21576, VU21575, VU21578, VU21579)

- Industry Safety Induction (Gas industry)

- Construction White Card (National)

- Queensland Construction Induction (Workplace Health and Safety Queensland)

- Clear criminal history

- PADI Open Water SCUBA certification

- RePL drone pilot to 7Kg

- ReOC operator's certificate

Not only that but he can offer skills and experience in:

- Remote automated camera surveying and sensor design

- Drone surveying and mapping skills

- Multimedia production

  - Adobe After Effects

  - Adobe Premiere Pro

  - Adobe Lightroom

  - Adobe InDesign

- Filming

- Many forms of photography

- Sound recording

- Very broad photography skills

- Boots-on-the ground surveying

  - Pitfall trapping

  - Funnel trapping

  - Elliott trapping

  - Cage trapping

  - Habitat assessment

  - Spotlight surveys

  - Frog call surveys

  - Mammal ID

  - Frog/reptile ID

  - Bird ID

  - Plant ID

- Bat ultrasound recording and identification

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