Here at Kaluta we are passionate about giving you our very best. Whether you use us on a worksite, out in the bush, at a photo or video shoot, we aim to exceed your expectations in quality and safety. Click on the buttons below to see how we will achieve those goals:

We're also insured for Public Liability (10M), Professional Indemnity and UAV/RPAS (10M) specific Public liabilities


We are confident in tough environments

Kaluta's training ground has largely been the tough, rugged and very remote Kimberley region of Northwestern Australia. One of the most remote regions in the world, we are comfortable in rough places, being unafraid to spend the nights sleeping on the ground and walking in the heat - not to mention sleeping alone in the jungles of Borneo. 

For whatever the reason we go into wild places, rest assured that we are comfortable and can work very well with you.


We have the equipment

To meet and exceed your expectations

At Kaluta we are passionate about creating not only a massive range of multimedia products, but doing it in a way that is efficient, professional and conscious of your budget. From personal events to corporate training and outreach videos and a whole lot more in between, we have the equipment - and the knowledge on its use and creative techniques - to bring you the outcomes you desire.


Remotely piloted aerial systems or "drone" technology is surging ahead with more and more uses being discovered and refined. To meet many of these we have a DJI Inspire RAW. Equipped with a Micro four-thirds (MFT) X5R camera we can take incredibly clear, sharp 4K RAW and MOV/MP4 video and very high quality aerial photographs including panoramas. Also, this setup is very useful for high quality photogrammetry - making 2D and 3D maps and models and estimating the volume of stockpiles and excavations. 


We use a variety of cameras to produce our films and photographs:



Sony's foray into mirrorless cameras gave us the A7RII. Much smaller than the equivalent DSLRs it packs a formidable punch. Having a full frame sensor it delivers an incredible 42.4 megapixel still frame photograph and a very high quality 100mb/s 4K video that is be convincingly cinematic with correct filming methods. It has a very high dynamic range and can plug into external power for virtually unlimited battery life. 


The 5D III was, and still is Canon's flagship full HD DSLR. With a full frame sensor this camera can take amazing images and beautiful 1920x1080 HD video.


Gone are the days of boring tripod panning and shaky handheld video. The DJI Ronin-S is the newest acquisition to the business and will give incredible video not only on the move but also in a stationary position. It will:

- Allow creation of very wide panorama images

- Make full 360 degree immersive photographs

- Follow pre-set panning and tilting paths

   - for real-time video

   - for time lapses up to 12 hours long

- Make smooth video taken on the move

- Allow remote control

Make no mistake, this is an incredible, well thought out game changing device that will make the difference on your next video or photo shoot.


The GoPro range represents the go-to action camera suite for many professionals. Waterproof to 5m and a further 60m with a housing, they can produce surprisingly high quality video to 4K. We have a Feiyu G5 stabiliser to compliment the camera, offering far smoother video without loss at the edge of the frames.


When filming on site, sound is extremely important and we don't take it lightly. That is why we use a Sennheiser bodypack transmitter with a Rode Microphone. When fitted correctly the system is invisible under clothing and behind the person, allowing impressive audio without the clutter. 


Sometimes filming on location can be hectic, and yelling back and forth does not help. That is why we have UHF radios for communication between film crew and subjects over longer distances. 


Lighting for video and photo shoots can come in a variety of forms from simple worklights to more portable light panels and cubes to attach to the camera rig. We can also bring lighting stands and diffusers/softboxes if you would like to use them.


Do you ever worry about not remembering your lines? Fear not as we can, at your request provide a teleprompting service on a tablet. Just tell or email us what you want to say and we can have it written down and ready for you - or whoever is featured in front of the camera to read as it scrolls and displays large, easy to read text.



On the work site

Kaulta cares about health and safety and will work within- and strive to exceed your site's requirements - it was one of the foundations of the business. From complying with VOCs and assisting with JSAs and SWMs, we can offer you experience with requirements from a variety of sites and completed contracts. Whether filming on site or working with environmental concerns, fauna or flora, we have the equipment and experience to make sure we meet your site's compliance.

On construction work sites as a minimum we carry more than the basic equipment that most clients require:

- FirePro gloves (Much more durable than those generally provided)

- Retro reflective:

  - Long sleeved shirt

  - Warm jacket

- Heavy duty cargo trousers

- Steel toed (or other protective standards compliant) boots

- Hard hat

- Eye protection

- Two way radios (with optional over-ear piece or shoulder mounted microphone if permitted and advantageous)

- Additional sun protection (sunscreen, hat brim)

- Hearing protection where required

We can add equipment with prior arrangements

Depending on the job requirements, specialist fauna detection and handling equipment may also include:

- Laser pointer

- Bore-scope (inspection camera)

- UV light

- Lockable Fauna box & padding

- Snake handling equipment

- Tablet + microbat detector + GPS track and point logging

- Headlight

- Gumboots


Helicopter travel has become normal

In Northern Australia and the outback, helicopters are just another mode of transport. If we are needed in the air, rest assured that we have flown many times before and are comfortable moving out to remote sites for surveys or filming from open doors.



To put together digital media into a range of outcomes

From cleanly edited short outreach films to a full museum wall, exhibition video production and educational videos as well as ads for small companies Kaluta has the equipment and skills to offer:

 - Interview style films

 - Documentaries

 - Outreach videos

 - Corporate videos

 - Full wall murals

 - Incredibly high resolution panoramas

 - Vast range of photography styles

 - Time lapse

And so much more



So you don't have to

Plants and animals have always been a big part of what we are passionate about. We do have broad knowledge and experience, but we also know how to identify plants and animals if they are cryptic or unexpected species. If we don't know what something is, we know the methodology to find out. With many years experience behind us, we are confident that we can identify just about anything - either in the field or looking at diagnostic photographs later.


We have the underwater experience

We'll get wet if the job requires it

With a keen passion for SCUBA diving and many dives behind us, we can work in the water for surveys and filming/photography. 

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