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Ecological and Environmental services
our range of ecological and environmental services

We offer a range of ecological and environmental services to cover you from small scale projects to larger scale civil works.

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pre clear surveys and fauna spotter-catchers

Fauna spotter-catchers are required for all clearing works and many civil works in Queensland. We value your confidence in our ability to do our job as fauna spotter-catchers both safely and efficiently so your plant operators can work smoothly and get the job done.

We also pride ourselves on excellence in pre-clear surveys and load reduction to ensure that when works are set to go ahead that we have done what we can to relocate any fauna that may be affected.

We also complete species management plans for legally protected breeding places and will submit them on your behalf.

Our fauna spotter catchers will work with your safety standards and positively communicate with your plant operators at all times.

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aquatic surveys
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Our aquatic experience is built on years of experience surveying all over Australia prior to the founding of Kaluta as a company. This experience ranges from the populated southeast of the continent through to the remote Northern Territory and the remote Kimberley of Western Australia, from freshwater to marine habitats.

This experience has been carried over to our operations in Queensland. We can confidently identify:

- Fish

- Aquatic insects and their terrestrial forms

- Amphibians

- Aquatic invertebrates

- Aquatic and riparian ecosystems

We will also:

- Compile detailed reports

- Outline management options

- Handle de-watering operations and relocation of affected species

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nocturnal surveys

We have been involved in many nocturnal surveys in WA, the NT, QLD and Victoria and will set up ours with:

- Detailed safety plans including call-ups and intended routes

- All PPE

- Appropriate equipment for the job

You can be assured that we will conduct ourselves professionally and safely, reporting back to base as required by the client as a priority or otherwise by our own standard if the client has not outlined a safety plan.

As with any of our other surveys, the client will be provided with a detailed report following any surveys.

Contact us today to have any of your questions regarding nocturnal surveys and how we can make them work for you.

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other flora and fauna surveys

Flora and fauna surveys take on many forms and methodologies. Using remote sensing and other technologies; bringing those together with proven Ecologists we are confident in our ability to detect the widest range of species. We at Kaluta do this with:

- Desktop ecology, leveraging the most comprehensive datasets

- Real time mapping, completed in-house

- Development of our own technologies and workflows in remote sensing

- Trapping

- Camera trapping

- Design and implementation of field surveys according to the needs of the client

As methodologies and needs vary widely, contact us to design a survey to meet your needs.

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management of fauna

From potentially dangerous fauna to harmless, we hold a Damage Mitigation Permit and will operate within its conditions. 

A Damage Mitigation Permit allows us to remove species that may be a threat to human livelihoods such as venomous snakes and more.

We will respond to call-outs from the public and work with you on site to ensure both the fauna and your team or family are kept safe.

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