Here at Kaluta, we're not happy with being second best. We push not just to film videos, but to work at a cinematography level. With outputs up to 4K RAW and 8K RAW in time-lapse, we can deliver exceptional quality.

Drone multimedia

Cinematography / videography


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Cinematic outcomes from above


Drone cinematography

You could settle for a drone pilot that offers simple video in MOV or MP4 formats.


They're not bad, but they're not RAW either. RAW in Adobe DNG format retains all of the data captured by the X5R camera and saves every frame as an individual file! A good 4K MOV file will have a data rate up to 100MB/sec, however the X5R boasts a data rate of up to 2.4GB/sec! Not only is it very high quality, but it allows incredible flexibility in editing. We shoot in a flat profile on camera to allow for the greatest detail to be retained in post production to ensure you get the best range of detail from highlights to shadows and plenty of room for colour grading.

Obviously, if you just want a high quality flat or pre-graded MOV or MP4 file straight from the drone, we are more than happy to provide you with that at a lower cost than RAW.

Wherever possible, all footage is taken using the principles of cinematography. Our standard complies with 24 FPS including a smooth motion blur at 1/50 shutter speed, however we will record in 25 or 30 FPS at your request.

With dual controls we can have a pilot and camera operator for more technical shots on request. 

Deliverables may either be files straight from the drone and/or part of larger projects we are producing.

So contact us today to find out more!

Scenes from above immortalised


Drone panoramas and photographs

Another service we are glad to offer is the ability to create photographs and panoramas. 

Simply send us information on your location and we can make photographs on the angle of your choice as well as panoramas - either as a single strip or part of or most of a spherical image.

Also included at no additonal cost is post processing such as colour grading/filters and delivery in DNG, TIF or JPG.

Contact us today to find out how!

Panorama of Port Phillip Bay

many years experience behind the lens


As we at Kaluta are skilled photographers, we can offer you a variety of solutions to document your event or expedition. Whether in the city or in the wilderness, we have you covered! We only use full frame DLSR and mirrorless cameras and shoot exclusively in RAW with professional grade lenses so you can be sure that the images you will end up with are of the highest quality. Contact us now to find out how we can help you.

Documenting discoveries



Scientific discovery of new species often requires live images of specimens. Kaluta can recreate gorgeous looking micro habitats that mimic the natural surroundings, pitch black or pure white backgrounds – whatever you need. We can also photograph terrestrial specimens in-situ. These professional photographs are excellent for use in museum displays, books and interpretive signs. How can we help you? Contact us now to find out!

Documenting your journey into the wild


Expedition cinematography

Why settle for just videos of your expedition or scientific survey when you can have a cinematic experience? Kaluta has the required cameras, stabilisers, tripods and microphones to make that a reality. With abundant experience filming in remote locations and clients such as the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory and Bush Blitz as well as private businesses we can deliver that cinematic edge to your remote (or not-so remote) multimedia production, so contact us now to find out how.

A passion for creating



Want a short film production in gorgeous 4K, Full HD or another format? Kaluta can help you do exactly that. We have the equipment and expertise to deliver smooth, professional video for your own personal, corporate or advertising needs. We would be happy to hear from you,  see our contact page and ask us how we can help!

We have the capability to produce longer documentaries, too!

Creating content for the public


Museum displays

Before Kaluta was set up we delivered multimedia solutions to the Museum and Art Gallery of the NT. From a super high resolution multi layered panorama, short films to be put on loop and projected and outreach films; visually friendly displays to compliment exhibitions are something we have expertise in.

Watching time fly


Time Lapse

Speeding up time to see things far slower than the human eye (or patience) will allow is absolutely an art form. Clouds boiling, tides washing back and forth, sunsets, moving shadows, construction and opening flowers are all amazing when sped up in a short film. Not only that, we can provide it in resolutions up to a massive 8K in some circumstances. How can Kaluta help you? Contact us to find out.

A resource ready for you



Over the years, we have collected a vast variety of digital images that you may use for anything from prints for your home to licenced photographs for your publication, mural, posters, corporate projects or multimedia production. For peace of mind in transaction security we have these hosted by Zenfolio, so head over there and browse what is on offer! Otherwise, if there is something missing, we may have it on file offline.


Please note that images either commissioned or taken on a paid photoshoot will not be available for stock by any third parties unless permission has been explicitly given.


If you have any questions please contact us so we can assist you in any way possible.

Creating outcomes with footage and images that already exist


Editing existing multimedia

Have any footage that needs to be made into something? Look no further. Kaluta can edit any of your multimedia into a presentation of your choice, Contact us now to find out how!


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